Duo Schriefl / Bär

UPDATE: Here You find all informations about our hiking Tour through Austria & South Bavaria, Beginning of August 21, if You want to join us!

A duo that plays the following instruments together: trumpet, flugelhorn, piccolo trumpet, alphorn, horn, bass flugelhorn, trombone, euphonium, ophicleide, tuba - depending on what fits on the stage. Johannes, also known as the Vorarlberg problem bear, will play around wildly and violate all the rules of cultivated bear necessities in order to compete in an alphorn duel with the Allgäuer Mountain-Yeti Schriefl.
Johannes Bär completed classical trumpet studies in Salzburg with Hans Gansch and has already played as a trumpeter with Pro Brass and HMBC, among others, which had a number 2 hit in Austria and Bavaria with folk music and texts in his local Austrian dialect.
The things that seem to be forbidden in the music world are especially fun for Schriefl and Bär: A Händel is presented as rock'n'roll, a self-written hit is deformed full of lust, a yodel is made to groove, but also sometimes they play a heartbreaking Ballad puristically. In addition to all brass instruments and the singing, two alphorns are sometimes used and the limits of this instrument re-explored. Schriefl and Bär play music from A to Z without ifs or buts, without beginning, without end, without limits and with all their hearts.

Matthias Schriefl: trumpet, flugelhorn, tuba, piccolo trumpet, accordion, tenor horn, alphorn, vocals
Johannes Bär: tuba, piccolo trumpet, trumpet, tenor horn, alphorn, beatbox, percussion, vocals