Six, Alps & Jazz

„Perfect snack time for open ears and a soulful music“ – as described by Wolfgang Puschnig. “Symphonic Alp-horn glowing” , which would also be a suitable title for the music spectacle by this sextet formation of multi-instrumentalists, bringing along more than 30 different brass and woodwind instruments, proofing that folk music is also Jazz and Jazz is also folk music.
Passionate and with vital virtuosity are any thoughts of folk tradition played away. Traditional instruments like the Alphorn and ‘Schwegel’ are played to present songs of the old traditional songbook along with own compositions in an Alpine style, transferred into improvised Jazz. Naturally and with great respect are also rhythms from the Himalaya, Turkey and the African continent included. Matthias Schriefl, a proven and totally accepted crossover artist between the music cultures was honored with the 2012 Award by the German Record Critics.

Matthias Schriefl (tp, flh, euph, bflh, tube, alph, voice), Johannes Bär (tube, euph, trp, flh, alphorn, trb, voice, Alex Morsey (b, tube, voice), Gregor Bürger (fg, ts, cl, b-cl, baritone voice), Peter Heidl (fl, picc, ts, cl, voice), Florian Trübsbach (as, fl, cl, oboe, picc, schwegel, voice)