Matthias Schriefl‘s new Band: Hit-parade with singer Johanna Iser fulfills any request. The three multi instrumental genies are not the only ones accompanying the outstanding singer from Nurnberg, but also the Danish drummer, bass player and singer, Kalle Mathiesen and the Tyrolean multi instrumentalist, Michael Hornek (piano, bass, drums, plus among other ‘Probrass’ and Klaus Doldinger), they sing and let the biggest hits since the Thirties come alive. Many of those hits in German language are well remembered while others are surprising in their unexpected refinement of language as well as music. The Band’s name Hit-parade is therefore very fitting: It is these musicians greatest endeavor to rescue these German Hits while leading them into their deserved channel.
From Caterina Valente, Roy Black and David Hasselhoff there are no exceptions to interpret them in a highly unconventional, spontaneous and humorous manner by those four musicians. And because of this and for all of those who feel adventurous, is exactly this concert great fun! It’s full of joy, unconventional, highly energetic and yet simply beautiful and even in a nostalgic way swinging.
Please bring your humor!

Matthias Schriefl tp/alphorn/euphonium/tube/voc Johanna Iser, voc/melodica, Kalle Mathiesen dr/b/voc, Michael Hornek b/keys/voc/dr

Foto: Michael Lukaszewski