Netnakisum & Matthias

Claudia Schwab - violin, vocals, Gesang Marie-Theres Härtel - viola, vocals DeeLinde - cello, vocals Matthias Schriefl - brass instruments, vocals

The sounds of netnakisum feat. Matthias Schriefl are lashing out real enthusiasm for the grand universal sensation called music. Through new chamber music-style, concert hall-like and club- as well as open-air-musical literature penned by the artists themselves, the string trio per se, which many a time has been in the shadow of its bigger brother the string quartet, is put in new perspective. The Trumpet sometimes seems to be a second Violin, melting completely into the sound of the strings. Also You will be surprised how much power can come out of the string instruments in a few moments, when the trumpet is playing louder. Sounds classical, but is far from that and has the potential for a real classic! The very own sound of the band, enriched by the voices of the musicians, ranges from that little melody all the way to an almost orchestral polyphonic frenzy. An “absolute must” for everybody anxious to be part of a new concert experience, since here you’ll enjoy true spontaneity being right in the middle of tingling risk.
A true declaration of love to music.

Netnakisum have performed on many stages in many countries: USA; China, Algeria, England, Ireland, Moldova, India… And just as deeLinde, Marie-Theres Haertel and Claudia Schwab have made an impression in these diverse places, so have these places cultures, and musics made an impression on them. Emerging as part of the Austrian/styrian folk music revolution, this group’s unique sound has since developed to embrace fusion, world, hip hop, punk, classical, jazz and electronic. Live, Netnakisum sound and swing like no others: moving from traditional-roots to rock to avantgarde: each performance is a journey into the unexpected where the audience is carried by delightful, honest string sounds into the unmapped territories of absolute music.
Now Matthias Schriefl is entering the room of these 3 string players and singers with all kinds of brass instruments. Like them, he grew up in the alps in a very big musical family who loves folk music, jazz, classical music and hand-made pop music. He studied in Cologne, Amsterdam und other mountain regions. Today he lives in Cologne, where he can be heard very often as a Soloist and Leader of different groups and from where he organizes tours with his bands through the whole galaxy (but because of fuel costs and bad hotels only very rarely outside the milky way). In his spare time Matthias eats spare ribs and does mountainclimbing.

“The fascinating musicians from Netnakisum amalgamated music styles uniquely,capriciously and yet wonderfully and they played excellent own compositions.” (, translated by Claudia Schwab)